Summer Activities

Summer Season Activities

Wilderness, Wildlife, Wildflowers 

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Visitors often leave the Snowy Mountains without sufficient time to see and do all the things they would like to. The many full and half day trips from ‘Kosciuszko Mountain Retreat’ make it difficult to choose from all the activities that are available. These include: Bushwalking especiallyThe Summit Walk, Yarrangobilly Caves, The Mountain Slide and the Chairlift Ride. Play golf or tennis, go horse riding, fishing or bike riding or sit back and relax in one of the faulous mountain restaurants.

Bushwalking – 58 Alpine Bushwalks

30 Minutes to 9 Hours
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Both ardent and casual bushwalkers are amazed by the diversity and the beauty of the Snowy Mountains Wilderness. 

At “Kosciuszko Mountain Retreat” you can pick up maps and directions for 25 different walks. By far the most popular walk in summer is the summit walk to the top of Mt Kosciuszko. However, there are also a number of shorts walks with the beauty ‘ and feeling of the Snowy Mountains. These are ideal for families and dont over tax the short legs in the group. 

Visit the Alpine Huts

Take a day out and visit some of the old Alpine Huts

in the Kosciuszko National Park. 
There were around 200 historic huts in the Australian Alps, although a number of these were burnt out in the 2003 bushfires.
With some dating from the 1860s, the huts come from every era of European history in the Australian Alps.


In spring and summer, fishing takes over as one of the mountain’s most popular activities, with trout the most sought after fish.The Snowies offer a myriad of fishing environments ranging from alpine streams, world-renouned rivers, and lakes such as Eucumbene, Jindabyne and Khancoban Pondage.

Wildlife & Wildflowers

As Spring and Summer approaches, the gorgeous wildflowers of the Snowies prepare to bloom. Most wildflowers wait until the snows have melted, then they produce a tapestry of colour in white, yellow, purple and orange. At higher altitudes around PerisherValley and Sawpit Creek the best displays occur in December, January and February. Kosciuszko Mountain Retreat has a large family of kangaroos living in the Park. Also in the surrounding bushland there are wallabies, wombats, squirrel gliders, possums and platypus in the streams, and, if you walk quietly enough and remain vigilant you may spot a spotted-tailed quell or pygmy possum. The pygmy possum is a mouse sized animal that was believed to be extinct until unexpectedly discovered in 1966. Like other small mammals in the alpine region, the pygmy possum survives the winter under a protective layer of snow. Among the more colourful species of the area are the endangered yellow and black corroboree frog, the red crested flame robin and the wingless grasshopper.

Walk to the Summit of Mt. Kosciuszko

(The duration of a return walk varies with your level of fitness and which route you choose, but times may be from 4 to 7 hrs) 
Just a short drive up the road from ‘Kosciuszko Mountain Retreat’ is Charlotte Pass. This is a great starting point for a walk to the top of Mount Kosciuszko (9km each way). You will cross the famous Snowy River literally and take in all four glacial lakes with dramatic views of Mount Sentinel and Watson’s Crags.
The journey continues to the summit of Mt. Kosciuszko, Australia’s highest peak, which affords sweeping views over the Main Range and beyond to the Victorian alpine terrain. The Grade is easy for all standards of walkers.

“Chair Lift and Walk” to the top of Mount Kosciuszko

(The duration of a return walk varies with your level of fitnessand which route you choose, but times may be from 3 to 7 hrs) 
For the less adventurous, or even the passer by, a summer trip on the Crackenback Chair lift is a must. It rises 595 metres from the valley floor over some dramatic scenery and at the top (where there’s a restaurant) the views over the valleys and the ranges of the Snowy Mountains are spectacular. For those determined to reach the top of the continent, the walk to the top of Mount Kosciuszko is a pleasant 12km (6km each way) .This is not a difficult walk and is suitable for most ages and fitness levels.
Detailed maps and directions are available from reception at Kosciuszko Mountain Retreat. Regular guided tours are available during the walking season and they operate every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and the Main Range walk on Fridays. Personal guides and full catering packages are available for groups. Also available by arrangement are sunset and sunrise walking tours.

Take the Track Less Traveled

(The duration of a return walk varies with your level of fitnessand which route you choose, but times may be from 4 to 7 hrs) 
A more challenging hike is the 21.5km circuit which combines the Main Range Walk and the Summit Walk. After leaving the Charlotte Pass lookout, you will cross the famous Snowy River and walk along the Main Range track. This track takes you on a loop past the magnificent glacial lakes to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko with it’s splendid views across to the Victorian Alps.

Food & Wine in the Alps

Whether you’re seeking a casual bite or a gourmet dining experience, you can savour differing tastes throughout the region where all budgets are catered for. The Alpine Resorts and the Snowy Hydro Scheme have brought chefs and restauranteurs from across the world to this area. From Lebanese to Thai, Austrian, Chinese and Prussian, there is a multi-cultural plate to please your palette.
There are a number of great places to dine in the towns and villages of the district where some of the restaurants are BYO.
If you opt for self-catering in your own Chalet, you’ll have no trouble stocking up at one of the region’s many quality food stores, deli’s, patisseries and supermarkets. The Snowy Monaro Agricultural Specialty Producers Association has seen regional enterprises producing many specialty items, including gourmet lavender, herbs and herb teas, export quality goat chevre, rabbit meat, venison, organic pork and cool climate wines.